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  • Daymaniyat Camping

    Daymaniyat Campfire
    OMR 350.000

    Camping at Daymaniyat Islands is an incredible experience with amazing snorkeling, sunset, star gazing, campfire and more!  An adventure that will leave you with long lasting memories.

  • Daymaniyat Islands

    Daymaniyat Islands
    OMR 250.000

    Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure? Bring your family & friends and head to the Daymaniyat Islands to  snorkel with the amazing marine life.

  • Full Moon Cruise

    Full Moon Cruise
    OMR 90.000

    Step on board Capitano's boat for one-of-a-kind tour while the sun gets low in the sky and witness the Full Moon light as it starts reflecting on the water surface ...

  • Sunset Cruise

    Sunset in Mattrah
    OMR 70.000

    Enjoy the sunset as we cruise along Barka coast line featuring key attractions such as Sawadi Islands. A memorable boat tour experience to some of the key places in Barka.

  • Fun Diving

    Underwater Fun
    OMR 35.000OMR 50.000

    Join our Fun Diving Trip which spans over four (4) hours and consists of two dives at our selected sites to explore the underwater beauty of Oman.

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