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Oman travel: Bandar Al Khayran, an ideal picnic spot

There are times when a weekend escape is truly needed, a day at the beach, or a night at the mountains, or even a weekend in the desert, and what better way to enjoy a getaway other than picnicking? Spending a weekend away doesn’t have to be in a luxury hotel or a resort, Oman has some of the most beautiful sceneries, which is why outdoor camping and picnicking is an ideal way.

Bandar Al Khayran is a true hidden gem of a place in Oman. It’s tucked between captivating sandy mountains, and is only a mere 21-kilometre away up the hilly road of Qantab. It is a secluded area with crystal clear waters and soft sand beach that are just out of this world. So pack your bags, your camping kit, and your sandwiches, and get set for a weekend to remember.

On Friday, pack your bags, prepare your favourite sandwiches and snacks, carry your camping kit to the car and hit the road. Drive to Qantab road with the windows down so you can enjoy the breezy weather and the natural, earthy scent that the road offers. Follow the Bandar Al Khayran signs to a sharp curve at the top of a hill (23° 30’ 5” North, 58° 43’ 57” East). Take a turn and drive to a secluded beach that you’ll be able to spot from the hill, and if you don’t have a 4×4, then park the car at Bandar Al Khayran sign and walk it up, both equally fun.

At the beach, find a spot that will work for you, either in the centre or nearby a rocky mountain, with beachfront being the best spot for a great relaxation session. You’d be hungry by then. Grab your snacks and sandwiches and start munching in a quiet, serene atmosphere. The weather gets cooler by noontime, which is the perfect time for some swimming.

The place is known to be the best when it comes to snorkelling, so make sure to bring appropriate gear so you can explore Bandar Al Khayran’s waters and marine life. As the day comes to an end, set up a campfire, grill yourself some seafood, veggies, or mishkak lamb cubes, then call it a night.

On Saturday, wake up early and start a fun adventure of exploring the mountains of Bandar, as the place has numerous spots where you can enjoy a walk or even a climb. Be extra careful as you hike, as the soil here is quite loose. Or alternatively, you can swim and explore nearby beaches, where you can have a good time wandering on foot. As the clock hits noon, have your lunch, and perhaps some fruits.

Watermelons and mangoes are picnic staples, slice them up and savour them as the wind blows and waves break on your feat. After getting satiated, have a sunbathing session by the beach, reading a book, or just chilling out. Have a quick swim afterwards and pack up to head home.
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