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Underwater military museum being created in Daymaniyat Islands

Muscat – Oman has embarked on a pioneering project of its first underwater military museum in Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve in South Batinah. The groundbreaking project is a collaboration between Environment Authority and Ministry of Defence.

An Environment Authority official informed that the project involves placing decommissioned military equipment, including seven Man Atlas trucks and a Skyvan aircraft, underwater near Daymaniyat Islands. The site was chosen due to its proximity to coral reefs, which is conducive to accelerated reef growth and marine habitation.

The islands are recognised as one of Oman’s crucial locations for coral reefs, scuba diving and artisanal fishing, benefiting local fishermen from Muscat and South Batinah in particular.

The primary objective of this innovative initiative is to increase coral reef growth and encourage proliferation of marine life. It aims to rehabilitate and expand coral reef habitats, helping to offset the environmental damage caused by both natural events and human activities. By creating a new ecosystem that mimics natural coral reefs, the initiative seeks to promote a sustainable environment that supports marine biodiversity.

Additionally, the project is designed to boost marine tourism by providing a unique attraction for tourists and diving enthusiasts. It is expected to relieve pressure on existing coral reef sites within the nature reserve and attract a diverse range of marine species to the area.

The underwater museum will merge historical preservation with marine conservation, offering an educational and engaging experience for visitors.

Hamad al Ruzaiqi, Head of Coastal Areas Department at Environment Authority, said, “This initiative seeks to bolster eco-tourism by establishing a unique tourist attraction catered to diving enthusiasts, thereby enhancing Oman’s tourism sector. The museum will open its doors to diving enthusiasts in July. We anticipate witnessing coral reefs flourish within the next six months.”

Source: Muscat Daily

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