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These islands in Oman are home to rare coral reefs

Muscat: The Daymaniyat Islands Reserve is located between the Wilayat Seeb in Muscat Governorate and Wilayat Barka in South Al Batinah Governorate. It is about 18 km offshore of Barka, 70 km west of Muscat, the capital city, the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism said.

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism in online a statement said, ”The Daymaniyat Islands Reserve is a group of nine islands with a total area is 100 hectares. It is distinguished by its beautiful beaches, white sands and clear blue waters. It is considered as one of the reserves which is naturally rich in many types of coral reefs. It also includes rare groups of coral reefs, large numbers of sea turtles which take shelter in the islands to lay eggs and nest. There are countless migratory and settlement birds too which can be seen here.”


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